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JavaScript – The Universal Langauge

JavaScript is a Universal Language When it comes to web development JavaScript is everywhere you need it to be: On the front-end browser for user interactions On the back-end server for responding to data

NodeJS Deploying Files to AWS S3

What Problem Am I Solving Fundamentally the technical challenge comes from weekly content updates I make to a webapp I own. Every Friday afternoon my daughter comes home with a list of ten spelling

A Hackathon Winning Tech Stack

I’m proud to say I entered an idea and led a two-person team at the company’s annual Hackathon in early November. Even better we came out in first place – woot! Receiving the award

Ken at Big Ruby 2013

Big Ruby Conference 2013 I had the good fortune of attending Big Ruby Conference 2013 at the end of February. Held in Grapevine, TX it brought together fine minds thinking about leveraging Ruby on Rails

Connecting Your Heroku App with Its Amazon MySQL Database

Starting With Amazon Web Services If you’re building a complete web app you’re probably using Amazon Web Services (AWS) taking advantage of their excellent cloud-based platform. Why not use them for server-side support? Especially