Every day I wake up with the goal of learning something new, solving an interesting problem, and sharing what I know. Public speaking is a fantastic way to serve a group of people by sharing what I’ve learned. Building computer programs is a great passion of mine, and I enjoy sharing that passion with as many folks as I can find.

I’ve presented 25+ times at conferences, meetups, and schools including South by Southwest, Big Design, DevNexus, and SMU. Giving talks, running workshops, teaching classes, writing articles, and recording screencasts are all well within my background.

Proud to say that I’m a published author. My first book, Responsive Web Design Toolkit: Hammering Websites Into Shape, is available on Amazon now!

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Programming with Purpose: introducing design-thinking, empathy, and UX culture to programmers improving teamwork and decision skills.

Measuring the Mobile Experience: reviewing technical tactics and cultural discipline for using analytics to measure engagement and value at the UI level.

Things Nobody Told and Introvert About Public Speaking: strategies for ideating conference proposals, crafting compelling presentations, and becoming an engaging speaker.

Responsive Web Design and Development: a hand’s on, day-length workshop, introducing the fundamental concepts of why, the strategies for when, and the tactics for how to build modern websites.

If you think I’m a match for presenting at your upcoming event please send a message to: speaking@kentabor.com

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