Stealing for Innovation

Innovation.  That word fascinates me. I literally never heard of the word until a few years ago, and now I feel as though I’m constantly viewed through its lens. I was so sure someone

My Top 5 Favorite Newsletter Subscriptions

I subscribe to many weekly newsletters that help me learn. You know how much content is published every week, day, hour, minute.  It comes from tweets, personal blog articles, corporate newsrooms, and formal journals.

10 Leadership Lessons from the 2500 Year Old Tao Te Ching

The Tao Te Ching is a Chinese text written over 2,500 years ago. This ancient work continues revealing modern messages every time I read it, and hopefully convey along to you. My first experience

Please Vote for Me – By Sept 5

Dear Reader I’ve submitted a talk proposal to the SXSW Interactive conference for Spring of 2015. You can make it a reality. Up to 30% of the deciding factor for acceptance is based on

Are Web Components Your Future for Building Websites?

What’s up with Polymer and Web Components? Those terms have popped up onto my radar since the start of the year or so. I bet you’re starting to see them more as well. I

Should You Write a Book? 5 Reasons to Say Yes!

Have you ever thought, “I can write a book some day. I’m going to write a book this year!” I can guess you’ve had had those thoughts plenty of times in your career. Either

Writing Killer Conference Proposals

I’ve been fortunate to speak at several conferences, and have a few upcoming. In truth I’m amazed I get the chance because I’m just some guy who likes writing code. Each year I submit

Writing a Book – Making Promises to Readers

I’m fortunate enough to be writing a book. It’s due to be published by the fantastically supportive folks at Focal Press as soon as I put the words to paper. Creative Process Because I’m a

NodeJS Deploying Files to AWS S3

What Problem Am I Solving Fundamentally the technical challenge comes from weekly content updates I make to a webapp I own. Every Friday afternoon my daughter comes home with a list of ten spelling

Why I Crowdsourced My 2013 Performance Review

This year my team’s manager suggested we solicit input for our end-of-year work performance reports. I’m sure there’s copious books and blog articles describing exactly why this is a terrific idea. I only have