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Top 10 Things I Learned in 2015

A few days ago I put a message out on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. A call to action for any and all willing to retrospect on their year, and share some learnings with one

Code Quality Control Poster

Quality Control Confirming your code quality regularly prevents production exceptions and crashes. This is the title and pitch for my latest creation. A poster reminding me, and you, and us, that “you can help

Should You Write a Book? 5 Reasons to Say Yes!

Have you ever thought, “I can write a book some day. I’m going to write a book this year!” I can guess you’ve had had those thoughts plenty of times in your career. Either

Writing Killer Conference Proposals

I’ve been fortunate to speak at several conferences, and have a few upcoming. In truth I’m amazed I get the chance because I’m just some guy who likes writing code. Each year I submit

Writing a Book – Making Promises to Readers

I’m fortunate enough to be writing a book. It’s due to be published by the fantastically supportive folks at Focal Press as soon as I put the words to paper. Creative Process Because I’m a