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10 Things About Human UI that Will Change Forever In Self-Driving Cars

Introduction I own a car and I drive it nearly every day. Not too long from now the car will be the one driving me. Future Ken will still own a car, he might operate the

10 Easy Ways Conference Speakers Can Improve Their Sessions

I had the privilege of presenting a workshop at a huge Austin-based conference in March 2016. Of course I sat in on many talks and learned from them all. This particular conference attracts experienced

Today is the Day I Get Fired

Today is the Day I Get Fired I recite this line to myself starting every day. My daybreak meditation on the negative began a year ago. Good morning. It’s going to be a great

Hey App Maker – Your Settings Menu Is All Full of Crazy

It’s the Ubiquitous Gear Icon Did you download an app and tap curiously on the little gear-looking icon and see a page all full of crazy? I sure have. Lots of times. Too many

The Standing Desk Project

Standing desks are something I first heard about from a teammate about eighteen months ago. He mentioned it as a health consideration and I dismissed it as a hipster trendy meme that I couldn’t care less