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10 Things About Human UI that Will Change Forever In Self-Driving Cars

Introduction I own a car and I drive it nearly every day. Not too long from now the car will be the one driving me. Future Ken will still own a car, he might operate the

Code Quality Control Poster

Quality Control Confirming your code quality regularly prevents production exceptions and crashes. This is the title and pitch for my latest creation. A poster reminding me, and you, and us, that “you can help

Hey App Maker – Your Settings Menu Is All Full of Crazy

It’s the Ubiquitous Gear Icon Did you download an app and tap curiously on the little gear-looking icon and see a page all full of crazy? I sure have. Lots of times. Too many

Where are the Mobile App “Nails Places” and “Dry Cleaners?”

Are there mobile-app equivalents of “nails places?” I’ll gladly accept the digital equivalent of “dry cleaners” and I suppose in a pinch “pizza franchises” as well. If where you live is anything like my

They Are Not Resources – We Are People

Yesterday a colleague and I were interviewing a management candidate and one of my questions spawned an answer where she mentioned “utilizing resources to 100%.” Wow, that sounds impressive. Wait! What? I had to