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Excellent Teams Depend on Trust

Elements of a High Performing Team I gathered with my new teammates a few week ago. They’re a collection of experience individuals, and I’m totally stoked to be found in their ranks. Elements of

10 Easy Ways Conference Speakers Can Improve Their Sessions

I had the privilege of presenting a workshop at a huge Austin-based conference in March 2016. Of course I sat in on many talks and learned from them all. This particular conference attracts experienced

Off the Shelf Parts for Hackathon Build Night

Off the Shelf Parts for Hackathon Build Night Build night during hackathons are generally insane. Why? Because things don’t fall into place, time is short, and missing pieces aren’t found. Connecting the dots is

Innovation is Stupid – Let’s Give it a Brain

Innovation is fascinating to me. Until a few years ago I’d never read nor said the word. Now I feel like my career is constantly observed through its lens. Here’s the problem – what

Stealing for Innovation

Innovation.  That word fascinates me. I literally never heard of the word until a few years ago, and now I feel as though I’m constantly viewed through its lens. I was so sure someone

My Top 5 Favorite Newsletter Subscriptions

I subscribe to many weekly newsletters that help me learn. You know how much content is published every week, day, hour, minute.  It comes from tweets, personal blog articles, corporate newsrooms, and formal journals.

10 Leadership Lessons from the 2500 Year Old Tao Te Ching

The Tao Te Ching is a Chinese text written over 2,500 years ago. This ancient work continues revealing modern messages every time I read it, and hopefully convey along to you. My first experience

Why I Crowdsourced My 2013 Performance Review

This year my team’s manager suggested we solicit input for our end-of-year work performance reports. I’m sure there’s copious books and blog articles describing exactly why this is a terrific idea. I only have

They Are Not Resources – We Are People

Yesterday a colleague and I were interviewing a management candidate and one of my questions spawned an answer where she mentioned “utilizing resources to 100%.” Wow, that sounds impressive. Wait! What? I had to