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Top 10 Things I Learned in 2015

A few days ago I put a message out on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. A call to action for any and all willing to retrospect on their year, and share some learnings with one

Measuring the Mobile Experience

I gave a talk called “Measuring the Mobile Experience: The Analytics of Handheld UX” in San Francisco. Many thanks to the organizers of HTML5DevConf for letting me be a part of their technical conference.

JavaScript – The Universal Langauge

JavaScript is a Universal Language When it comes to web development JavaScript is everywhere you need it to be: On the front-end browser for user interactions On the back-end server for responding to data

Are Web Components Your Future for Building Websites?

What’s up with Polymer and Web Components? Those terms have popped up onto my radar since the start of the year or so. I bet you’re starting to see them more as well. I

NodeJS Deploying Files to AWS S3

What Problem Am I Solving Fundamentally the technical challenge comes from weekly content updates I make to a webapp I own. Every Friday afternoon my daughter comes home with a list of ten spelling

Tech-Stack Checklist for a Modern Single-Page Web Application

I’m proud to say I’m on the team that last year rebuilt the TripCase mobile client shipped to app stores December of 2012. It’s a big achievement for myself as a programmer, and for the company

Save Hundreds of $$$ Registering for O’Reily OSCON 2013

Bottom Line Register using my speaker coupon code TABOR and receive a 20% discount. Speaking At OSCON I’m proud to say I have the privilege of speaking at OSCON 2013. That’s totally awesome. It looks to be

BackBone Model Unit Testing with Jasmine

Writing reliable JavaScript code at scale is difficult. The language lacks built-in formal structures that enable reliable engineering practices. Fortunately establishing convention and selecting mature libraries goes a long way towards building a trustworthy

Social Sharing with Backbone, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Coding Social Sharing Seems Difficult My recent project allows folks to pull five ingredients together mixing up a cup of virtual coffee as a way to share good vibes with friends or a supportive

Serving a Web Page Demo from Amazon S3 + BlueHost

Serving Up a Single Page Web App Demo Must Be Easy By Now, Right? Let’s review how I deployed “for release” the single-page live demo site accompanying my recent “Foreign Langauge Support in JavaScript” article