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NodeJS Deploying Files to AWS S3

What Problem Am I Solving Fundamentally the technical challenge comes from weekly content updates I make to a webapp I own. Every Friday afternoon my daughter comes home with a list of ten spelling

Speaker Notes from My BigDesign 2013 Talk

Hello everyone! This article links to artifacts supporting my speaker notes. I surely enjoyed sharing techniques with all of the fine folks who attended my talk at BigDesign 2013. It was a great personal honor sharing the

Translated Strings and Foreign Language Support in JavaScript Web Apps

Translated Strings and Foreign Language Support Foreign language support in JavaScript single-page web apps is hard. JavaScript has no built-in support for translated string tables. What is so important about string tables? String tables

My Color Scheme for WebStorm, PHPStorm & RubyMine

KATzCool2 – A Color Scheme for WebStorm, PHPStorm and RubyMine by JetBrains I’ve hand-crafted a color scheme for the amazing web-app IDEs “WebStorm”,  “PHPStorm” and “RubyMine.” These IDEs are made by the masterminds at

My 5 Year Old Daughter Learns to Program

Teaching and Sharing Last night I had one of my finest moments as a parent. Being a life-long programmer I always wondered how I could share my passion for building software with my child.