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Speaker Notes from My BigDesign 2013 Talk

Hello everyone! This article links to artifacts supporting my speaker notes. I surely enjoyed sharing techniques with all of the fine folks who attended my talk at BigDesign 2013. It was a great personal honor sharing the

Save Hundreds of $$$ Registering for O’Reily OSCON 2013

Bottom Line Register using my speaker coupon code TABOR and receive a 20% discount. Speaking At OSCON I’m proud to say I have the privilege of speaking at OSCON 2013. That’s totally awesome. It looks to be

Building a Responsive Design is Hard – Responsizer.JS Makes Testing Easier

A Responsive Design Debugging Tool Building a responsive web design is hard and I’ve built a tool to help testing handheld sizes on the laptop easier I choose to build my latest web site

“Debugger” Statement Makes Javascript Development Easier

JavaScript debugging is challenging when using script loading libraries like Require.JS, or Lab.JS. These are the sorts of libraries implementing the Asynchronous Module Dependency (AMD) pattern demand-loading source code at run-time when referenced. AMD is a

Google Chrome Dev Tools Pro-Tips

Web Browser as Debugging Environment Each web app developer has her own favorite way of debugging her source code. Fortunately we have a few solid choices and Google Chrome is my absolute favorite. Not