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Code Quality Control Poster

Quality Control Confirming your code quality regularly prevents production exceptions and crashes. This is the title and pitch for my latest creation. A poster reminding me, and you, and us, that “you can help

My Top 5 Favorite Newsletter Subscriptions

I subscribe to many weekly newsletters that help me learn. You know how much content is published every week, day, hour, minute.  It comes from tweets, personal blog articles, corporate newsrooms, and formal journals.

Writing Killer Conference Proposals

I’ve been fortunate to speak at several conferences, and have a few upcoming. In truth I’m amazed I get the chance because I’m just some guy who likes writing code. Each year I submit

Writing a Book – Making Promises to Readers

I’m fortunate enough to be writing a book. It’s due to be published by the fantastically supportive folks at Focal Press as soon as I put the words to paper. Creative Process Because I’m a

Three Types of Social Sharers Your App Should Enable

Social Media Support Determining the correct amount and quality of social sharing for the application you’re building isn’t easy. What follows are my notes on three types of social sharers that might help you