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Measuring the Mobile Experience

I gave a talk called “Measuring the Mobile Experience: The Analytics of Handheld UX” in San Francisco. Many thanks to the organizers of HTML5DevConf for letting me be a part of their technical conference.

Are Web Components Your Future for Building Websites?

What’s up with Polymer and Web Components? Those terms have popped up onto my radar since the start of the year or so. I bet you’re starting to see them more as well. I

A Hackathon Winning Tech Stack

I’m proud to say I entered an idea and led a two-person team at the company’s annual Hackathon in early November. Even better we came out in first place – woot! Receiving the award

Speaker Notes from My OSCON 2013 Talk

Hello everyone! These link to artifacts supporting my speaker notes. I surely enjoyed sharing techniques with all of the fine folks who attended my talk at OSCON 2013. It was a great personal honor sharing the

Tech-Stack Checklist for a Modern Single-Page Web Application

I’m proud to say I’m on the team that last year rebuilt the TripCase mobile client shipped to app stores December of 2012. It’s a big achievement for myself as a programmer, and for the company

Save Hundreds of $$$ Registering for O’Reily OSCON 2013

Bottom Line Register using my speaker coupon code TABOR and receive a 20% discount. Speaking At OSCON I’m proud to say I have the privilege of speaking at OSCON 2013. That’s totally awesome. It looks to be