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Measuring the Mobile Experience

I gave a talk called “Measuring the Mobile Experience: The Analytics of Handheld UX” in San Francisco. Many thanks to the organizers of HTML5DevConf for letting me be a part of their technical conference.

Are Web Components Your Future for Building Websites?

What’s up with Polymer and Web Components? Those terms have popped up onto my radar since the start of the year or so. I bet you’re starting to see them more as well. I

Hey App Maker – Your Settings Menu Is All Full of Crazy

It’s the Ubiquitous Gear Icon Did you download an app and tap curiously on the little gear-looking icon and see a page all full of crazy? I sure have. Lots of times. Too many

Three Types of Social Sharers Your App Should Enable

Social Media Support Determining the correct amount and quality of social sharing for the application you’re building isn’t easy. What follows are my notes on three types of social sharers that might help you

Where are the Mobile App “Nails Places” and “Dry Cleaners?”

Are there mobile-app equivalents of “nails places?” I’ll gladly accept the digital equivalent of “dry cleaners” and I suppose in a pinch “pizza franchises” as well. If where you live is anything like my