Public Speaking: Top 12 Resources for You


I’m proud to say I have the privilege of speaking at OSCON 2013 on July 24th. While working on my presentation I’m doing R&D on being a better speaker. Why? As a coder I’m naturally shy and introverted. All the same I want to do a great job serving the audience by clearly sharing practical and useful stuff.

Surely we can all admit how unnatural it is to jump in front of a crowd and exclaim “Look at me – I’m interesting – and I have the answers you need!” Given that we can all use a little help on how to get partially there.

Top 12 List

Below I’ve listed resources I’m finding helpful for delivering to an audience, crafting the presentation, and applying to speak. I consider public speaking as one of those things that if it doesn’t kill me it’s going to make me stronger.

Those Helped Me

I didn’t take advice from any of those absolutely literally, but I think I’ve internalize the guidance, and expect the proper answer while pop into my brain when most needed.

With any luck you’re working on a presentation and speaking soon and stumbled upon this list. Have a coffee and read through these. I know these offered inspiration and practical advice to me and I hope the same for you.  Ping me on Twitter when you’re speaking because I love to learn!