Ken at Big Ruby 2013

Big Ruby Conference 2013

I had the good fortune of attending Big Ruby Conference 2013 at the end of February. Held in Grapevine, TX it brought together fine minds thinking about leveraging Ruby on Rails for solving big problems. In the enterprise and lightening-hot start-ups.

Presenters and Presentations

  • Wynn Netherland – “Hypermedia: less hype, more media please”- Video – Slides
  • Jim Weirich – Keynote – Video – Slides
  • Brian Morton – “Services and Rails: The Stuff They Don’t Tell You” – Video – Slides
  • Joshua Timerman – “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Chef” – Video – Slides
  • John Duff – “How Shopify Scales Rails” – Video – Slides
  • Adam Keys – “Move Fast and Make Things” – Video – Slides
  • Joe Kutner – “Build a Bigger Brain: How Healthy Living Makes You Smarter: – Video – Slides
  • John Downey – “DevOps for the Rubyist Soul” – Video – Slides
  • Matt Kirk – “How to Overcome the Apathy of Big Data” – Video – Slides
  • Jeremy Hinegardner – “Treading Water in a Sea of Data” – Video – Slides
  • Josh Scharibaum – “Fire It Up” – Video – Slides
  • Nathen Harvey – “Testing Your Automation” – Video – Slides
  • Geoffrey Dagley – “Scaling with Friends” – Video – Slides
  • Ernie Miller – “The Most Important Optimization: Happiness” – Video – Slides


Fantastic ideas all around. Just watch the videos above and decide for yourself. I’ll say these common threads pull at me:

  • APIs -> prove out using internally then monetize externally
  • DevOps -> code it, deploy it, watch it (don’t code then throw over the fence)
  • Health & Happiness -> building software at scale is the 2nd hardest things people do, coding is ridiculous complicated, take care of yourself
  • Tools – Move fast! GitHub for source control, Capistrano for server management, Puppet for configuration, Vagrant for building test environments, Chef for deployments, custom dashboards for measuring performance and monitoring reliability
  • Cross-functional Team Services + Client + QA + PM. Break down silos, get end-to-end solutions produced, deliver value, everyone tests each other’s work, farther progress, more complete submissions

Have a coffee and consider these outstanding presentations. Please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @KenTabor to carry on the conversation!