Save Hundreds of $$$ Registering for O’Reily OSCON 2013

Bottom Line

Register using my speaker coupon code TABOR and receive a 20% discount.

Speaking At OSCON

I’m proud to say I have the privilege of speaking at OSCON 2013. That’s totally awesome. It looks to be one of the biggest conferences covering open-source tech this year, and it’s put on by the good folks at O’Reily publishing.

Save yourself hundreds of dollars on registration fees if you’re planning on attending. Speaking there has earned me a limited number of 20% off discount coupon codes that I’m sharing with you.

The code is simply called TABOR and I’m happy if you’re saving money while attending this fantastic event.


Conference Registration

My Talk: Translated Strings and Foreign Language Support in JavaScript Web Apps

Overall Conference

I can’t wait for this beast of a show to start – I’m expecting it to be mind-blowing!