Where are the Mobile App “Nails Places” and “Dry Cleaners?”

Where Are the Mobile App Nails Places and Dry Cleaners

Are there mobile-app equivalents of “nails places?” I’ll gladly accept the digital equivalent of “dry cleaners” and I suppose in a pinch “pizza franchises” as well.

If where you live is anything like my home base of Dallas, TX there are nails places, dry cleaners, and pizza franchises all over. Apparently those storefronts are making money and driving the economy forward in a thankless middle-class sort of way. At least I assume they’re making enough money to be going concerns.

Going well enough that a dozen or more employees are getting hourly, city services are being paid, landlords receiving rent, and bank loans being reimbursed. All the while the owners holding back enough for continuing onward. That is how it’s working, right?

Stiff-Arming MacBook and Aeron Liquidation

Assuming all of that’s correct I reflect on the overriding majority of mobile app development shops. Are they doing modestly well as my local nails places and dry cleaners?

Or are they living the dream but in reality continually hemorrhaging money trying to keep afloat while rapidly building user sign-up stats to at least justify acquisition by one of the handful of successful big guys? At best of course, by hitting the proverbial jackpot and going viral. I can guess the feeling of impending doom of MacBook and Aeron liquidation is motivational inspiration driving many teams.

It’s Great to Be the Top 25

I’m asking all of this because I’m still internalizing the stats recorded in this well publicized article from  December 4th 2012:

Based on daily App Interrogator surveys, Canalys estimates that just 25 developers accounted for 50% of app revenue in the US in these stores during the first 20 days of November 2012. Between them, they made $60 million from paid-for downloads and in-app purchases over this period.


Awesome for those top 25 apps, but isn’t that a ton of dev groups not earning?

Lots of Poor Coders?

I freely admit I’m just a coder, and not a biz guy, so maybe there’s some subtle MBA stuff I can’t understand, but is making money in an app store just as binary as the zeros and ones I type into the computer all day? Mostly zeroes.

I feel like I’m the type that pays attention in class. Just as I keep my eyes open driving around town seeing nails places and dry cleaners I surf the net all day. My Google Reader is loaded with tech-related RSS news feeds that I skim and review.

Is app development a regular working job and a return on money or is far from a proper way to make a reliable living?

I’m Going to Go Have a Think on This

Dear reader please hit me up on Twitter if you have vibrant examples of this sort of mobile app business I ask about. I genuinely want to know. I’ll gladly write a follow up article sharing whatever I learn from all of you.

In the meantime I’m going to go have a coffee and rough in notes for my first iPhone game. Sure, I’ve got to give it a go like anyone else. After all I did answer “yes” when Pastor Andy recently asked, “Is it better to light a candle than curse the darkness?”

Have fun everybody!

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