First Post!

Hello All! This is the blogging origin for me. Never before have I blogged or thought I had significant enough results to publish. Over the past year I embraced Twitter as a way to blast out professional messages about developing web apps for mobile and desktop and that is surprisingly successful. Actual followers – amazing!

At work I’m active as a I can sharing interesting discoveries and a new colleague by the name of Vlad Nevzorov kindly  encouraged me to start a blog sharing and publicize interesting coding stuff. I said, “sure, maybe.” Then he kindly followed up a week later and I said, “I dunno, it’s a lot of time.” Then a week later he kindly dropped by and asked if he could help set one up and I smiled and said “no.” He shook his head grinning and walked away.

I know my laser-focus helps me solve problems and deliver on time, but the flip side is sometimes I’m closed-minded and unappreciative. With Vlad in mind I’m going to blog discoveries, techniques, and cool stuff in general for the next 90 days. When I think about it my home hobby projects cough up lots of interesting and useful stuff and I’ll share it with people out in the Internets.

Focus for blog posts will be on client-side web development, but since I do full-stack stuff I’ll incorporate server-side and platform-services elements as well. Documenting good finds might be smart for my own sanity as well. Seems as though I have stacks of notebooks on and around my desk and various “notes.txt/todo.txt” in project repos. Time to collect the most productive pro-tips?

If I get metaphysical sharing and caring might be a “WWJD” moment except I’m a coder and not a Sheppard. Maybe?

At any rate, let’s do something awesome!